Bride in Black

It can happen, your dream come true. But something is missing. White. Sold out of white fabric at Fabric World. Can you go to the dark side of your dream? Can you face the reality of what you are really doing? Have you talked to a lawyer. Have you done the background check? Do you really think that taking walks along the beach and taking a cooking class together is really going to enhance your life? You are about to getting married. Do you have any idea what you’re getting into? Do you think that the marriage contract will in any way control your beloved? Of course you don’t have any expectations. You accept the love of your life for what they are, bad and good, black and white. And they love you. They really do. They are certain of it. And here is the gist of this comment: There is no black or white, only those Shades of Grey, which line the second hand bookshelves, row upon row, of soft porn, the same paperback porn that will creep into your marital bed after a few years, when you are so bored that you’ll try anything, and everything..once…and then it will all be better, and you will know that you’ve made the right choice, the right choice at the time, the only choice you could make with the information you had available, and you will forgive yourself and your beloved, and start a garden, keeping the sharp lawntools locked away tight.

Pet Land or Pain Land?

Howard’s scar

Thank you, Pet Land for making me understand the workings of a corporate body without scruples. One has to experience first-hand the horror of greed gone wild. This is a photo of my dog’s back after disc surgery. Howard came from Pet Land- Pet Land buys dogs from Puppy Mills. Continue reading