How Can You Sleep at Night?

It has occurred to us all that our lives are finite. If that is so, why do we continue to bullshit ourselves and others? Year after year, day after day, a continuous bullshit routine aimed at humping another rung up the ladder? What are your thoughts on this phenomena? Is it the limbic system encouraging our frontal lobes to mount a campaign designed to placate and buzz-saw our superiors into throwing more bread in our direction? Will the bread satiate our hunger for attention? Look at me! The price we pay for a nod. Our souls. But souls don’t pay the bills. Souls don’t comfort the ego. Souls drain us with self reflection and morality. Is the price too high? Of course not. We are temporary, and in that vein, every man for himself is the call of duty. Take your comforts whilst you can. But know why the buzz in your chest is humming loud, screaming for Xanax, sex, the gym, a movie, the quick passing of the day, head in a book, foot on the pedal, moving forward towards zip.

The Mind of Facebook

What? Why? Hear me out! This is what I think about it. This is what happened to me. This is what I’m doing. What I did, where I’m going. This is what I thought. This is what I think you should think about what I did. See, this is me! This is where I was and this is where I am going! What did you do? Do you think I should do what you did, what you’re doing, what you plan on doing? But, look at me! Wow. This is what I watch, this is what I listen to, this is what I love! This is my why, I don’t know why. Why do you think it’s my why, this what? What is your why? Why? Now, this is a wow and that is a wow! Hear me out! This is what I saw. This is where I went. This is what I did. These are the they’s that were there when I went. They saw what I did. I am what they love! I am what they watch! They are where I’m going!

Gutter Ball

Why did I go bowling tonight? I’m not sure. Does anybody really know WHY they go bowling? No. That is precisely why bowling is sacred. It is an event without meaning, without agenda, without possibilities. What is the best thing that can happen to you in a bowling alley? What is the worst thing that can happen to you in a bowling alley? Exactly. It is a microcosm of your life, your thoughts, your dreams. The ball is your intention. The pins are your considerations. The lane is your path. The gutter is the gutter. And there is your ball, in the gutter. And there is your ball, slamming a strike. And the ball is returned, and the scoreboard is adjusted, and then the game is over.