Pet Land or Pain Land?

Howard’s scar

Thank you, Pet Land for making me understand the workings of a corporate body without scruples. One has to experience first-hand the horror of greed gone wild. This is a photo of my dog’s back after disc surgery. Howard came from Pet Land- Pet Land buys dogs from Puppy Mills.

How Can You Sit There - Help Us!Out for a walk
Petland sells puppies from Puppy Mills. A large majority, including my Howard, have genetic defects and life long health problems. Howard goes in for surgery tomorrow to remove a ruptured disc. He is only three years old. I’m sorry to say I did not know about Puppy Mills three years ago when I went into Petland to buy catnip and fell in love with Howard. I worry about Howard’s brothers and sisters. How are they doing, if they have the same problems and their owners can’t afford the $6,000 dollar operation? I certainly can’t afford it either, but I can’t imagine the alternative. Howard is my family now, and Howard is, at this moment, on the floor, trembling and crying in pain, even after a heavy dose of pain meds and muscle relaxants. I have never seen an animal or person in so much pain, except for my father on the eve of his death. My guilt is fathomless. The moment I adopted Howard, another Puppy Mill dog was put in his place. I was a part of the Assembly Line of Agony. Please don’t make the same mistake. Research Puppy Mills and encourage their demise.


One thought on “Pet Land or Pain Land?

  1. On a Saturday morning I went to a petland and fell in love with a beatiful white and black husky.When I asked her age they said she was 9 months old but she was realy 5 weeks old your not supposed to sell puppies at 5 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!She was priced at $985,453 dollars.I played with her for 2 hours.She is was so sweet!!!She would cuddle on your lap and play fetch so I decided to get her.I named her Snowballl.After 2 hours of getting her she started vomiting and had bloody at wet stool.I toook her to the vet ASAP.The vet checked her and said she had a very very very bad cold and cough.The vet bill was $90764,68 dollars.Then the vet said she had to stay for 9 weeks.I was heartbroken but I payed the bill and left her.So I went to the petland and and told them about the vomiting and the stool but they just said” SO SORRY for your dumb little dog but maybe we can swap your ugly dumb sickly dog” I was so so mad!!!!I decided to get back.So I found a very unhappy beagle and they took him out for me so I put him in my bag and zoomed out.They did nothing about it.I named him Snoopy.He is very playfull happy and friendly and gets along well with Snowball.After 9 weeks I got to return with my baby Snowball.I went to petland and handed out flyers saying DO NOT COME TO PETLAND THE DOGS COME FROM PUPPY MILLS!!!Then the workers came and kicked me out of the store.I never want to go there.Me and my dogs are living in a happy home and today Snowball is celebrating her 2 birthday.

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