thank you global warming (lyrics)

Last month my wife done left me

She took the car and the dog

But it don’t mean a thing next to

Global warming

I read about it on some blog

We’ll be surfing in Nevada

We’ll dive down to Beverly Hills

We can water ski in the arctic, you see –

Around all the oil drills!

Thank you GW thank you, thank you

Thanks for a nice hot day

Thank you GW, thanks to you

My troubles seem far away!!

Just last week I lost my job

So depressed I couldn’t see.

But in a few years in hot water to our ears

Why should that matter to me?

Notes From the Western Front

The Olympic Torch ….it was here?
Aka the flame of free speech sputters
SF: Where are your balls?

A few weeks ago the Olympic torch made its only “US appearance” in SF. The city fathers, fearing massive demonstrations as seen in France etc., took matters into their own hands. Of course, the Chinese community in SF is powerful and embarrassment was something to be avoided at all costs. Debts had to be paid. The United States is a country FOUNDED on dissent, yet today dissent is the first casualty under the wheels of political expediency…yes, debts must be paid.

The planned route was through the Financial District. That day I happened to be waiting for a bus at Sacramento and Battery, looked up and saw a horde of protesters RUNNING up Battery Street….frantically looking for that damn torch. They weren’t even close.

The city had a last minute plan. From the airport, they BUSED the torch to Van Ness Ave. (other side a the hill)…and skulked it up to the Marina, quick left on Doyle….and done. The hyperventilating mob of China-bashers didn’t have a chance…. a sign-wielding many-legged creature in search of a venue.

Way to go SF …. land of the free. The musket boys on Lexington Green would be proud.