Purple Weather

In bed, computer on my lap tuned to the local weather radar. Outside the window, the real weather, in real time, as it follows the lead of the satellite view, miles above. The radar indicates a thunderstorm approach. On cue the sky darkens. On screen, a bull’s eye marks the city- Here it comes- a red pulsing blob across the screen indicating severe precipitation. The dogs ears flatten and I settle easy on my pillow, enjoying the cool preceding wind.  How does this predictive capacity affect the wonder of weather? When I was a child, it just rained, or snowed, and cleared, rained, snowed and cleared again. We didn’t  much think about it. If we were curious, we studied the sky. Mostly, we just let the weather happen, content that it happened.  Rain or shine, raincoat or sun suit, plans seldom changed. Weather was a family member, not a guest. We were stuck with it and made due. Most often, disagreeable weather did not affect the success of our ventures. We discovered that picnics in the rain could be fun.

If weather matters to you, over and above the safety factor- if what you intend to do or not do depends on a radar satellite, consider your priorities. Radar can warn you off – place conditions on your day- encourage you to avoid what could have been an unconventional, weather-related experience. Think Dorothy, risk a knock on the head.

++ above,  my painting “Purple Weather”