Tough Economy Got You Down?

Laurel makes everyone relax

(excerpted from Get Magazine, Mike Ritz, 11/08)

“Cold Weather clouds blocking your sun?  Looking for a stress reliever?  Experience Laurel Casey.”

“Laurel doesn’t just sing or put on a cabaret show, she creates a nightly experience that engages the audience on a level usually found at an AA meeting.  Speaking of which: We’re addicted to Laurel!  Come see the show that never stands still!

“Laurel’s voice is filled with emotion and beauty.  Her 1920s – 1930s depression era songs are exquisite.  Her comedic diatribes hones, bold and hilarious.  If her unpredictable behavior and passionate voice don’t have you on the edge of your seat, nothing will.”

 — Get R.I. Magazine