Tooth Tale

t feels pretty rough out there. The drug bust in front of my building today…nice young woman looked like a school teacher, probably trying to feed her family or earn enough money for her grandmothers heart valve replacement…handcuffed, thrown in the back of the police car, pink sweater and all, and I wondered why the Wall Street crooks weren’t in the back of the police car instead and then I drove to the store and stopped by a full service station because my back doors wouldn’t shut, and the proprietor said they were just frozen, no worries, and I said, I love full service, just like the old days, and he said, well, don’t get used to it. They’re raising the damn minimum wage and I won’t be able to afford help anymore. Then I called my dentist to make an appointment for a root canal and he put his secretary on the phone to tell me that ObamaCare doesn’t cover root canals, (read the fine print) which run $2,400, and I said, What? What is a person to do, and she said, we can pull the tooth out and I said, well, okay, do people do that? and she said, yes they do, but of course that changes the bite in your mouth and your teeth shift around and can cause problems later and I thought about most everybody in this country, in the near future, walking around with missing teeth or no teeth, struggling to live with some dignity on a minimal wage or no wage, taking risks they never considered before.. in a country where poor is a sin.


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