Give me some Room!

Room to Roam

Pawtucket Armory -

An artist needs room, both physically and psychologically, to march ahead of the riff-raff. Any limitation, any critical observation, will shut down the fountain of the forward- and said “artist” will begin to conform for the sake of peace of mind. They won’t get off your back until you do… unless you are at the Pawtucket Armory- an arts center in Pawtucket, RI- which encourages each artist to damn the torpedos. The Armory is not just outside the box, it IS the box, a box of protection, a fortress against the tide of mediocrity that rinses through the gutters of any city, anywhere and everywhere, and takes hold so that there is no place for the spirit to flow, to move, to shake up the constituency… The Constituency of Yes Men. Permission begins at the top..with the King of the Castle and the King of said building insists on an artists haven. Can he deliver or will the might dollar win the day once again. We shall see.

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