I like so much what I don’t like or want and want what I dont’ want

Florida, I have been drinking the best wine, eating the best food, soaking up the best sun, performing and offending the best people. I am five pounds heavier, with great new facial injections and bawbles and bangles, manicures and pedicures…the sand is white, the stars are bright, it’s the season. Oh, how beautifully some people live… rows of linens and silks and cashmeres in cave-like closets…. first, second, third wife… always someone on the arm, a solid foundation. Sculpted yards, art abundant, the casual beach bungaloo bongo drum invite, just a bar seat away. Smile. smile white with a professional bleach job. Hobble about in the highest heels. and heavy with the mascara. You, too, can be a star. the ageless Disney World…. the paved in gold road to oblivion. Maybe these people are on to something.

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