How do they Do it, continued.

They get up every morning. They walk to the bathroom and take a shit and begin to plaster make-up on their face. They hum a top 40 tune as they apply another layer of mascara. They step back from the mirror and take it in. In reality, they are repulsive, and yet they put on clothes and waddle to their cars with Blackberry in hand, unscathed by their mediocrity and unattractiveness.

How do they do it? They’ve read every self-help book and absorbed each trite and mind-numbing phrase. (You are worthy. You are special)  Or they have a credit card. They ARE special. They move through the world without fear. Fish out of water, they thrive on a mantra of denial. The self help books tell the truth. If you believe, so it shall be. They can waddle from Jaguar to social event and are accepted with open arms. They are no threat and they offer elegant cheese plate potential. The “Anyone’s” can throw crumbs as they eat the cheese. The crumbs turn to bread and the loaf, bread upon the water, is scattered and possibilities ensue. The great are comforted. Let the sheep have their boutique, gig, husband, travel experience, dream job. Sheep win the small, short game. Swarming like pilot fish around a whale, they comprise a global entourage and will not displace focus. The challenge of Greatness is to keep the sheep at bay, avoid the cheese plate trough and keep faith in the long haul.


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