The Reigned in Rich.

They live behind sculpted shrubbery plantings and faux distressed fencing but they are always in our face. Why? They have, until now, been able to get away with it. They insist on isolating themselves from the rest of us and yet, if we walk our dog without a leash in a near-by park, or piss on the sidewalk in front of their moat, they call the authorities. Until now, the authorities responded because the authorities were afraid of the rich.  Now, the authorities could give a shit. Mr. and Mrs. Bosworth no longer have clout. They are now avoided and ridiculed for their shrubbery sculptors and pig-like lifestyles. It is much like pre-French Revolution days– when the people finally figured out that Mr. and Mrs. Bosworth and their high winded demands could be erradicated with a blunt knife. Who would have thought that the day would come when a person wearing a Rolex would be looked upon as a jerk instead of a success? It has happened almost overnight. The rich are deflated. They hunker down as they drive their BMW Mini-Vans to the mall…. they are finally ashamed of themselves, being caught in action: the action of inaction. Good God. I saw a specimen today, near a lovely waterfront park. This pig lived on park-side in an ivy-crawling mini mansion with her two poodles. The park has a big sign that says, No Dogs. I was walking my dog in front of her house. Without a leash. As were many others. Apparently, in earlier days, the pig would call the cops on park walkers with dogs. After all, a law is a law, a rule a rule. After all, she and her fellow piglets insisted on these laws, the laws of exclusion. So- I was walking my dog without a leash, and Mrs. Bosworth was watching me as she walked towards her Mercedes Mini-Van.  A year ago, Mrs. Bosworth would have made a face, or  I would have felt fearful. Instead it was Mrs. Bosworth who was fearful.  “Isn’t it a lovely day?” She sang. “What an adorable pooch you have there!” Why thank you! I replied. Please don’t cut my throat, thought Mrs. Bosworth.  I won’t, now that you are being civil, I thought. Keep it up and  I might let you live. I strongly suggest you never again call the authorities.


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