The Face I Can’t Say No To

This is the face that keeps me busy twenty four hours a day. Howard. Howard is a lemon. Howard has some issue at all times.

This weekend, it’s diarreah. Nothing too serious, too dribbly. He just wants to go outside every two hours. Last night. In bed. Outside, 7 above zero and sleet. Howard barks at the door. One loud bark, never two. Just one roaring sound, followed by silence. It is the silence that gets me out of bed and inside my clothes as though I’m in the army. Takes me about 3 minutes. Take Howard down the three flights of stairs. Outdoors. Howard searches carefully for the right place to take a shit. Takes him about ten minutes. Four o’clock in the morning. The street is beautiful, quiet, the sleet invigorating, the cold against my face stings me wide awake, as though it’s noon and no bed awaits me. Back upstairs, undress, back in bed. Turn up the electric blanket. Read a bit, slowly drift back to sleep. BARK. Repeat of former. Six O’clock. Back up the stairs. Make coffee. Read. Pink sky to the east through the dull gray clouds and light snow. Grateful to see the day begin. Thank Howard.


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