My Little Life

I have a little life. Nothing spectacular, nothing worthy of comment. Just a life that began in 1952 and will end before 2035. A tiny sliver of time wherein I accomplished little more than eating, sleeping, and trying to stay afloat like the rest of the world. A lucky life. An easy life. My only failure – not doing enough to help my fellows. Lazy. Confused. Focused on my racing mind instead of the opportunities afforded on this new day in America. Indulgent yet guiltless thanks to comparison: bankers, mortgage brokers, Hedge Fund managers, Charles Manson. How many people have I really hurt in my life? My daughter calls from D.C. “Mom, I feel so awful that I got into debt like this.”  I answer, “For God’s Sake, Kid, don’t be so hard on yourself. You haven’t killed anybody.” Remember that when you’re beating up on yourself. You have a little, simple life but you aren’t on Death Row.


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