The Gypsy in My Soul


As the recession deepens and job losses mount, I am entertaining my artist friends. I’m not working so I have lots of free time between reading, painting, walking Howard, writing and drinking.  Having lived close to the edge for years, the economic melt-down feels like another day in paradise.  The paradise of reality. I was tired of being a dancing monkey in fur for the Bourgeois. It’s nice to take a long break and focus on entertaining my constituents and friends privately. Who needs a nightclub or restaurant to have fun? They’re all going under anyway. Why demand employment and add insult to injury? The best thing I can do for the economy right now is not look for a job. We artists are in a good position now. We don’t have any debt because we never had any credit. We know how to live on 5,000 dollars a year, maximum. The only big change I’ve had to make is in the quality of cheese and wine for my soirees.

Secret Recipe: Velvetta Cheese Melt Down: Two blocks of Velvetta Cheese, dissolve on stove in warm pot, add 1 can of black olives, 1 can of tomatoes and some spices. Pour in bowl and chill. Serves 20.

Wine: good red and white wines have always been within reach of the Bohemian. Just ask your local liquor store merchant for advice. He knows the best cheap wines because that’s all he can afford.

Believe me when I tell you that the best part of your life is about to begin. Stop crunching numbers and face the music. Find out what you really wanted to do with your one and only life and do it. You might have to sell that antique candy dish, but did you really need it?

“No cares, no strings…. My heart has wings…

If I am fancy free and love to wander, It’s just the gypsy in my soul”


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