Why is this painting worth 3,400 dollars?

It isn’t, because I painted it…. but all my artist friends have gallery openings and the price tags on one of their paintings is equal to the money I earn singing in clubs for a year. Product! Product! Product! Hype! Hype! Hype! I started painting because I couldnt afford to buy a painting. I love the look of an oil painting in a room. It immediately transforms your living area into a museum, a gallery, a sanctuary of intelligence, a diversion from the base. I did not understand art until I started to make art. I also   began to understand God. God doesn’t often mix his paints. He lets them run into each other, haphazardly. Whenever I made a mistake during my painting it looked real, like real life, life a real meadow or forest or mountain. When I painted a mountain as I saw it, literally, it looked like a caracature (sp) of a mountain. Is God an amateur? That would explain a lot. In fact, it would explain everything immediately.   

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