Remember Who You Are.

We all get caught up in the panic of the times and attempt to squeeze ourselves into a suit of appropriateness. Determined to become employable. We bid low, offer extras, put ourselves on the resale rack: damaged goods, over-washed and shrunken merchandise, replacable, cookie cutter pity-pipsqueeks, we lay our heads down on the train tracks, listening for a vibration – the engine of opportunity – to run us over. Do we spend extra time on our hair? A little less time with our books? Are we reading the Yellow Pages again, looking for God Knows What? – an idea that’s marketable to the masses? Listen, if you’re a wash-out, congratulations. Why wouldn’t you be, standing in the rain, letting your smile be your umbrella, getting a mouthful. Spit it out and change into your most comfortable garment, and stop trying. Just sit back and remember who you are. That’s all you have to do. Everything else will simply come from the rediscovery of what gets you up in the morning – not what scares you into getting up, or forces you to get up. Now, lay down. Flat on your back. Stay there awhile. Remember who you are. There isn’t another crazy person like you on the planet, and you’ve a place here at the table. Just rest awhile, then get up and start living authentically, which means no unwanted intrusions, no soul-deadening excursions, no extraneous noise, no mind-numbing middle men, no frilly-feckless friends, no half-erect half-sober dead-eyed lovers. Clean out your drawers and don’t pay the electric bill. change the oil in your car. Get out a map of the United States and plan a permanent vacation. Run while you can, but don’t forget to take yourself with you this time.


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