Happy Holidays to my wonderful fans!!

I would like to take this opportunity, as I stand in a bread line on Pawtucket Avenue, to thank the hundreds of crazy people who continue to support me against all odds.  I love you very much. I just wish you had more contacts in the show business industry, for example, a half-uncle who runs a production company specializing in Fellini-eque films or documentaries about late bloomers, or a cousin once removed now casting a new TV comedy series based on the life of a Cabaret Singer from Vermont. Truthfully, if I did not need rent money, I would be pretty happy with the way things are right now. I have you guys in my life, in Boston, Providence, Sarasota, Provincetown, some of you still hanging in there, in NYC. Keep the cards and letters coming, and remember, Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose, but freedom is worth it.


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