I Cannot Pay my Electric Bill

If you look closely you will see fear in my eyes.  A stiff, yet quivering upper lip, a whisp of self-loathing, a shade of despair, an undercurrent of regret, an internalized terror,  the mind numbing horror of an uncertain future, a curiosity concerning the discomfort of hypothermia, the guilt of an American unable to pull herself up by her bootstraps, the return of grief for buried parents, the longing for estranged siblings. The romantic life of the artist, often idolized by audience members, romanticized by history, offers, I’ll admit, a bittersweet, intense life experience. The worries that accompany this lifestyle are many, and that is why no one would choose this life if it wasn’t chosen for them.

One thought on “I Cannot Pay my Electric Bill

  1. Laurel……At this age your wondering…GO FOR IT!!!!! You can always run out the door if you feel the need to…;-) or Mona can i should say….


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