Will Sing for Champagne

Here it comes. Stalemate. Good thing I love a challenge, like finding a jazz gig as the recession deepens, consumers stay home and eat canned beans, club owners panic. I have decided that if need be, I will perform for free, or at least for champagne. As Oscar Wilde said, “Give me the luxuries and I’ll live without the necessities.”  During hard times, don’t give up every indulgence, cut back on necessities instead. Close the doors in your house and only heat one room but buy fresh flowers for your table. You need beauty and laughter to offset the darkening mood. Give extra time and help to your friends. Take in the stray cat. A simpler time is coming. Simple and tough. What a wonderful opportunity to practice your survivor skills and long dormant generosities. The silver lining is clearly evident, moreso now than ever. Those of us who have suffered the humility of being spoiled and indulged can reinvent ourselves. We’ve always been curious, haven’t we — How would we fare? — the answer is just around the corner. Seize the day!

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