Mona Lott – still incubating

I believe in a subtle feminity and so needed the help of my most feminine friends to advise me on Mona Lott’s dress code – i.e.  cleavage, g-string fabric, garter belt adjustment, earrings… and Mona’s manner – lip pursing, eyelash batting, pole dancing, side glances, knock knee walk. Despite hours of practice and three Wednesday nights of performance, Mona has yet to be born. She is still just me with a padded bra and a wig. Sadly, the Mona that I have thus far evoked is pathetic, downtrodden and a real downer. Breathless with despair, my Mona cannot be heard in the balcony. My Mona is not nightclub material. Her soul is conclave and ravaged. Her passions suppressed. She may do well in films, but she’ll need a human hair wig and lip injections. Meanwhile, she’ll pop up once in a while at the Sidebar, but only for ballads. I will be searching for her replacement. Thank you for your patience in this matter.  


One thought on “Mona Lott – still incubating

  1. Mona and Laurel are always a dynamic force of nature….entertainment wise…My friends and i are disappointed when the night has ended….You are such a talented ..Unique individual and tho you may tease some in your audience…you always take care to make them know that they are special too….Your ballads touch the soul as they touch the heart…your wit is contagious…You have talent Mona…..never doubt it for a moment…..

    Anyone who hasn’t been to the Sidebar Grille should give themselves a treat and hear and watch this chameleon performer with the great voice…and btw…the food is delicious too..

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