What, We Worry?


I’ve always been a worrier, so I find it interesting that I am no longer worrying. I have tried to stop worrying for many years and failed, so now that I have stopped worrying, I wonder why?

We’ve heard the phrase, From the Ridiculous to the Sublime, and that may have something to do with my newfound freedom from worry. First, lets look at my previous top 7 worries

  1. I don’t have enough money
  2. I am losing my looks and gaining weight
  3. I have not reached my potential.
  4. I have not found Mr. Right.
  5. Cancer is rampant.
  6. I drink too much wine.
  7. My only child, a daughter, has the same worries.


These worries should be worrying me today, but they aren’t. I am not worried about why I am no longer worrying, just curious. Let’s list the top six reasons that people worry.    

1.      They don’t have enough money

2.       They are losing their looks and gaining weight

3.      They have not reached their potential

4.      They are miserable in a relationship

5.      They drink too much or not enough

6.      They lied about getting cancer to evoke sympathy

7.      Their child married a punk head


1/3rd of American’s worry about being homeless

32 % of American’s worry every day

2/3rd of Americans worry about fat consumption

9 out of 10 Chinese worry about finances after retirement

Psychologists at the University of Penn. Call worry “The What If Disease”

Mark Twain “Worry is paying interest on a debt you may never owe”

Alfred E. Newman “What, me worry?”


Let’s list the top six things people never worry about

1.      having too much sex

2.      checking out a damaged DVD from the library

3.      Winning the lottery

4.      being struck by lightening

5.      being massaged with sacred oils

6.      threading a needle


Unfortunately, there are few things a person can do to prevent worrying themselves to death. After researching possible cures on the web, Guatemalan Worry Dolls appeared to be the best bet. You can order them at delaselva.com. I wish you would order me a few and send them to 91 Stone Lane, Bridport, Vermont 05734. 




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