Imaginary Audience Riveted, Enthralled

AP: Nowhere — A new audience has formed itself inside Laurel O. O’Casey’s imagination and she is busier than ever. Booked solid, virtually, until 2020, Laurel will be traveling the globe in her mind as she performs her unique and misunderstood Performance Art form.  Laurel Casey, her nemesis, will be singing Jazz with her trio, ( Odie Tempken, piano – Todd Baker, bass – Kirk Feather, clarinet) in front of a real audience in real clubs as soon as she can convince real club owners that Laurel O.O’Casey will remain safely supressed until summoned.   Laurel O. O’Casey has recently graduated from The Lonely Institute, and, as Dr. Ophelia Cummings, will be available for group counseling sessions via speaker phone.  The glamourous Laurel Casey will be receiving counseling from Dr. Ophelia Cummings concerning the interpretation of Mae West lyrics.  

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