Pondering Malaria

are there more bad things that can happen to you at any moment than good things that can happen to you at any moment? Trick question. It seems like lots of bad things happen and not good things because good things are things that could be bad if they happened, so the fact that bad things are not happening is the GOOD thing that is happening. Self-help books abound with articles about positive thinking and how Chaos Theory has proven that you can change your life with your mind, just as you can change the way an egg exists by staring at it. If the universe is an arena of infinite possibilities, anything can happen at any moment. And, infinite things don’t happen, which is a happening, too. Not catching malaria, for example, goes in the good column. We don’t think about not catching malaria. If we did, we would be grateful every moment we are malaria free. It still doesn’t seem fair that Murphy’s Law has become our mantra. We take it for granted that things will go very wrong alot of the time, we brace ourselves for the worst. The pollyannas who say they think positively are fighting natures gift of adrenaline release, allowing for flight or fight. Now, Pollyannas always have excuses for when things go wrong. “Well”, they say, “it was meant to be. The reason that I was driving my car over the bridge the moment it collapsed was a sign that I should stop driving, begin fast walking, and save gas monies for my dream trip to Paris. I know that Paris is in the picture, and this so-called tragedy, in which I lost my arms, will turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.” Anything but admit that their positive attitude did not protect them. It’s all how you look at life, I’ll admit, but somehow I am comforted by The law of averages. I don’t read anything more into whatever happens than whatever happens. At least something is happening. And the comforting thing is, bad or good, happenings do not last forever. Someday nothing will be happening to you.   


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