The Game

Don’t they disgust you? The fakes? Those people who mess with your head and then, when you call them on it, plead innocent? “Gee, what are you talking about? You’re projecting. You’re over-sensitive. You’re neurotic. You’re paranoid. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Par example: local editor of rag newspaper takes me to lunch to discuss a possible column. Asks that I prepare a few columns for review. I write the columns. He says they aren’t right for the newspaper. I write more columns, later, and e-mail the columns to him. He doesn’t respond. I e-mail him again and ask why he didn’t respond. A curt reply:
I receive over 100 e mails a day and can’t respond to all of them, anyway, I am not the one who makes the decisions about articles. That is so and so.” This is the kind of bullshit that we all deal with every day of our lives. I could email the guy back and say, “well, maybe you get 100 emails a day, but you don’t get 100 emails a day from a broad that you took to lunch and discussed a possible column with. — As though the lunch never took place. As though the slob never insinuated that I was “special” and my writing was “good” — You might say this is an insignifigant example, but it isn’t. It is the kind of mind warping passive-aggressive crap that causes stress because there will never be an honest, valid response to our good instincts- – just denial cloaked in a saccharine smile. It’s not that I take it personally. I know better. Who cares, anyway? Well, I don’t actually care that much. I just wanted to call attention to that which is subversively annoying – The Fakes. The funny thing is, they think we don’t get it. They think they’re home free- and they’re home free in that they ARE getting away with it — because they don’t really care if we know the truth or not. They’ve got clout. They feel safe and secure in their bullshit arena. The artist’s responsibility is to hold a mirror to these uglies although they really ARE safe because there is no valid proof of guilt beyond our own intuition. The fakes rule the world, they think, but they do not understand that to the rest of us they are laughable and pathetic. But we will continue to e-mail, because we strive for the goodies they can provide. They know it and that is The Game.  


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