Where are my sunglasses?

Not these. These are from the dollar store. A year ago I had a pair of 500 dollar sunglasses, bi-focals, tortoise shell, green tinted. I lost them two weeks later. I wear dollar store sunglasses that warp my perception of reality as though I were watching life through a glass of rum. I punish myself with these dollar store glasses because I lost the good glasses. I am going to force myself to wear dollar store sunglasses for the rest of my life. I am going to wear them at night, in bed, swimming, washing my face. I will be seeking enlightenment through these glasses, slightly unbalanced, off-put, squinting until slowly blinded by the white light everybody talks about when they get cancer or divorced. Brazenly I will feel my way forward, on hands and knees, clawing the dirt, upwards to the cliffs, and over the rainbow.  will not be crawling into New York again because I do not have a shoe rack. I can only pray that AS220 accepts my application for an artists living space in Providence. People in Providence have, on average, only three pairs of shoes.


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