If It’s Not Broken…It will be.

If everything breaks, and we have alot of everything, there’s a good chance that something will be broken every day of your life. Like the child’s game of “hit the popping head” – you hit one head, another one pops up, guaranteed. I find this very stressful. Now that I am older, my body is another “thing” that breaks, a tooth cracks, I have it cemented, a mole changes shape, I have it removed…..ingrown toenails, poison ivy, stomach flu, pink eye, insomnia, car accidents. The upside? I am not living in Burma. I have health insurance, but my computer doesn’t, nor my toaster, phone, tires, lawn, mattress, reading glasses, hamburger patties. A statute of limitations on everything, the clock is ticking. It will stop ticking, but time, which supposedly does not exist, continues to bite at our heels. It seems that being alive is an exception to every universal principal. Most everyone is dead or haven’t been born yet and never will. Only a few of us, 6 billion or so, are actually breathing in and out and only temporarily. If this is so, why do we dread our extinction? It is such a natural progression of events. We should look forward to it. I walk the dog through cemetaries often. They comfort me. Everybody looks fine. They don’t have ingrown toenails or credit card debt. Sure, they can’t eat or have sex, but that’s a small price to pay for an eternal, ETERNAL, ETERNITY of freedom. I like being alive but I look forward to death because it’s something I can count on. Death won’t be taken away from me once I’m dead. The finality of death is our guarantee that we won’t have to put up with ingrown toenails forever. Or the thought that someone somewhere is torturing an animal. Someday I will not have to go to the dentist, or overhear a news broadcast. I will be dust, happy dust, drifting. I will not have to turn down invitations to play tennis, golf, pee-knuckle. I will not have to save receipts or canceled checks, fill out warranty cards. I will not have to dream. Acknowledging the temporary nature of existence jolts my priorities and concerns into clear focus. My To-Do list shrinks, my frustrations, resentments and worries evaporate. I am left with this moment only, and when my mind is clear, it is more than enough. In fact, I couldn’t take much more.   


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