Morning coffee and a quick read of the headlines. The imprisoned Elizabeth with 7 children fathered by her father, Nazi SS torturer, 93, still at large, child slave labor in China, the beef industry. etc. Well, let’s take a look at the weather. Do I have a sinus infection again? The dog got my sheets dirty. Will I be able to trim the hedge with the electric saw or will I cut off a finger instead? Get down to business: call the bank, call the credit card company, call the insurance agency, call the vet. Anxiety builds, a free floater. “There is nothing wrong. Everything is fine” you think to yourself. Is that a sliver on my thumb? It’s a nice day, and happy plans abound. Those poor people, those poor animals. I have a lousy haircut. I hacked at it myself, as I listened to the news on the BBC. What about the Peace Corp? Could I bring my dog? No. Drastic changes need to be made in my life. Where to start? Just get in the car and follow your guilt. Put out a fire. Oh, but. Oh, but. I am supposed to be somewhere today. Or is it tomorrow? Write a check to a foundation. Watch the lake. It moves North. It has moved North for tens of thousands of years. No matter, the headlines. Joseph Conrad wrote: “The horror….the horror.” What good does it do? Why ruin the day? Tennis? Foot sliver. Writer’s block. Friend in L.A. to play wedding planner on reality show. He is a direct descendant of both Hitler and Mussolini. Good person. Writes children’s book. A troubled man, brother of a friend, walks into the desert outside Bullhead City, Arizona, and gets lost for five days. He barely survives, but regains his health. He asks for a fork to eat dinner. He wraps the fork in plastic baggies. Four plastic baggies. He says he is having trouble with the folk. The silver lining. We all can understand. We are all having trouble –with something.


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