Teach me Tonight

can do girlmystery manAP: Bridport: My drill bit is broken. I should go to a hardware store and see about a new bit, but I have no interest. I could use nails instead of a drill gun, but it might crack the wood. Mystery Man has entered my inner sphere, left yesterday, and again, I am a helpless princess. Oh, my drill gun doesn’t work.! I am disabled. I want my tools to work. Consistently. I guess I don’t really want do be a carpenter. I just want to sit down and watch Matt the Mystery Man at work. There is something about a man with a tool belt and big shoulders. This man is actually a sculptor, Matt Macintire, and you’ll be reading alot him in American Artist Magazine in a few years, because he just quit his day job and is following his dream, partly because it’s a smart thing to do in a recession, but also to set a good example for his kids who are watching his every move. They are not feeling right about following the herds to a corporation or starting a business. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with either option, but If Dad quits his job in the middle of a recession, a 40 dollar an hour job dozing behind a desk, to be a sculptor, hey, maybe I could…………well, it seems almost too good to be true but I could…. do anything! I think a recession is a wonderful time to jump ship. I hear some people who cannot pay their mortgage are just packing duffle bags and driving off into the sunset. The burning sunset of toxic chemicals that have made their way from China to Alaska, and are contributing to the meld-down of Antartica. Oh, excuse me, I mean, MAYBE they’re contributing, There is not enough scientific evidence to be certain enough so that emergency Congressional measures might prevent more chemicals from free floating into the ice and snow, attracting the burning sun. I am feeling a great awakening taking place in our country. There are people in their cars, at this very moment, driving slowly, thinking, “where am I really going? To buy a purse that matches my shoes? I have ten purses already and my husband, he’s asked me to pick up another barbecue grill because ours is rusting, but it works. That would be we would have two barbecue grills” A light in the center of the dumb-dumb limbic region of born-again Republican strip mall owners as well as everyone else, that light is going to go off, a red burning siren of a light, and they were turn the car around and go home and plant a garden.


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