Buddy Cianci radio show

Hadn’t seen Buddy since his escape from a political prison. Looks great. Harder around the edges though. Who wouldn’t be? His side-kick, Ron St. Pierre, is just the greatest, and together they are impossible to upstage. I tried, of course, but kept getting interrupted just before the delivery of a punch line. People called in to talk to me, old friend, Kitty Litter, the kind of friend who sticks with you, no matter what, year after year. He’s also a great performer, drag queen. Helped me get over my homophobia years ago, which was one of the greatest of blessings, being that gay men are superior to straight men in every way. And I mean every way, baby. Buddy announced to his audience of 150,000 people that I needed a job and there were no responses to his request, so I am back in Manureville, Vermont, writing and cleaning up mice turds. Heading out to Kansas City to visit my daughter and check out the art scene. It seems that all the bohemians are shrinking away from the coastlines in search of cheap housing. The fly-over states will have their revenge. New York City is already a bore, hard to believe, full of Paris Hiltons. I suppose it doesn’t matter where we are at this point, as long as we keep our heads down during the recession. Great time to become a vegetarian and learn to knit. Also, kids, good time for grant-writing. The very rich, feeling particularly guilty, are giving their dough away by the truck load to worthy causes, like the Philadelphia ballet, or the New York Philharmonic. Great name for me as a drag king, Phil Harmonic. Hope you’re all well out there. Soon I will be presenting a ten minute morning show on You Tube once I figure out how to set it up. Then you can see the truth of the matter. Be good.


2 thoughts on “Buddy Cianci radio show

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