Laurel Buys Crypt in New Orleans

my-crypt.jpgAP: New Orleans, LA:Unable to shake a particularly toxic period of depression, I have recently purchased a crypt in New Orleans. There are good deals on cemetary plots in the Crescent City, due to water damage and I need to prepare for the inevitable, as do we all. A born performer who does not perform is like a lemming prevented from jumping off a cliff by a brick wall. I have tried every anti-depressant, vitamin, guru, and art form, including the weaving of pot holders. Nothing lifts my spirits except the thought of cabaret performances that lead to the eradication of my audience’s own sadness. My mother’s illness and death, along with the fear of homelessness, threw me off track for a few years, but it seems there are no alternatives to the pursuit of a dream, except a bargain crypt. Your assignment: pursue your dream.


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