“This Can’t be Happening.” A new one-woman show.

written and performed, finally, by Laurel Casey

Pictured left: New Orleans Theatrical friends Below: my oil portrait

I woke up to the fact that as a writer, singer, actress and disco dancer, it is time for me to combine my talents and return to the theatre. I have paid my Actor’s Equity dues for thirty five years and have not been in a play since 1986. Waylayed by the popularity of my cabaret performances in Italian restaurants, jazz clubs and bath houses, I long to be on a real stage where people refrain from talking, eating, belching and farting. My 90 minute play of music and monologue, highlights the most outrageous, ridiculous, bizarre, hilarious gigs of my life. In St. Barth’s with Liza Minelli, the Sleepy Hollow Country Club with T.E. Waterhouse, Brunhilda’s Viking Room in Florida, Doris Duke’s birthday party, the private parties on Fifth Avenue, Newport, Greenwich, Conn. , Transsexual Lady Chablis, A Chinese restaurant on 42nd St, New Years Eve in a Nightclub Deli on 51st Street with David Merrick.– piano, bass, and drums.

Where will I be performing this play? Well, let me finish it first.


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