Seductive Sun

there you areWherever you are, yes, there you are. Where are you? Are you in the sun or in the dark? Many of us are craving Florida, despite the endless strip malls, traffic and Republicans. For a few short months every year, Florida seems to have the upper hand. The cold weather makes cowards and expatriot’s of us all. We’re ready to give it all up for the sun. The sun. It’s intoxication by association. It takes up residence in our fondest memories and our future dreams. Long ago, we were running on a beach with someone we loved who has since died. We will someday be sailing to Costa Rica, leaving our troubles behind. On gray, colorless days, our hearts yearn for the life we’d expected. We think we can patch up the life we now have with sunlight. The sun makes promises. She is a seductress who preys on our ancestral fear of the dark and goads us to leave when we should stay.


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