ADHD Valentine Nightmare

img_6823.JPGThis is a serger. Today, Valentine’s Day, I must learn how to use it. In lieu of chocolates, flowers or fornication, I have decided to spend the entire day and evening with the serger. It can’t be as disappointing as a man or any more difficult to figure out.

A serger finishes seams so that they don’t ravel. I bought it on E-Bay so that I could make professional looking Vermarvelous Pants. I will know what I am on the right dose of Adderall because I will be able to read the instruction manual and thread the upper loop and left loop and right loop and lower loop and adjust the thread cutter and thread guide pole and the feeding of the rubber spool holders and thread tensions. Supposedly, by threading the left needle only a width of 6mm will be produced, while threading two needles will produce a width of 3.8mm. The instruction manual, English, Spanish and French, makes more sense in Spanish although I cannot read Spanish. “Con la Batea de hilos en esta posicion, cogera todos materiales gastodos.” Okay, no problem, but ou est la mother fucking lint tray?img_6849.JPG


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