Middlebury Landlord Squelches Word Installation

img_6647.JPGA Middlebury landlord, who owns the building and therefore the window used for my latest word installation, has complained to the renters of the window that he will not tolerate any words, especially “she knows” in said window. “What is that?” he asked the artists who are renting the space. “That looks like shit. Take it down.” The artists, afraid of losing their lease, were forced to take down the word installation before I was able to continue with my message to the community. One of the artists in the building confessed to me that the landlord was going through a nasty divorce and that he thought the words were specifically directed at him. My intent, with my installations, is to reveal to people their unconscious fears, made manifest by their reaction to the posted words. It is my guess that the landlord was having a secret affair before the divorce negotiations were final. This is speculation, of course, but it fits in nicely with reactions to my word works in other cities and towns. An overwhelming hostility, paranoia and morbid curiosity occurs in people who drive by and read the words. Any words. Simple words. “Take it now”  “Don’t send it” “He wouldn’t” “Ask your car”  — etc, etc.  I was protected by the First Amendment in Newport, Rhode Island, because the window was in my apartment. But the protection did not include a lease renewal. It seems that I am going to have to search a multitude of locations until I find a building I can afford to buy, a building on a very busy street with a large window facing the upcoming traffic. An abandoned building is best. Keep your eyes open.


One thought on “Middlebury Landlord Squelches Word Installation

  1. have you ever heard of Jenny Holtzer? She is one of the great ‘word installation’ artists of our time..

    anyway , good work ferreting out this creep. he obviously has something in his closet and on on his conscience. or maybe he is just a narcissist who thinks everything always about him. the uncertainty is probably driving him crazy. maybe you should ramp it up… make him sweat… add something like ‘ that’s right buster. I’m talkin to why-o-you.’

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