Admission of Friendship with Andy Warhol

img_6841.JPGFor years, I’ve tried to keep my 2 week relationship with the late Andy Warhol private.  Andy also did not want his friends to know of our casual meetings in Brooklyn at a time when Brooklyn was considered gauche. All my memories of that opiate period in my life are a jumble, but I do recall that that Andy found me slightly interesting because I resembled Louise Brooks and ate Campbells soup out of the can, cold.  I did not hang out with his gang in public because I was in the process of having a sex change operation and didn’t want any media coverage. I was hopeful that Andy and I might become lovers if I had an appendage.  When the operation failed and I remained a woman, and a real bitch of a woman at that, Andy drifted out of my life forever, but not before memorializing me in a print. He created the work of art from a headshot I was then using for Soap Opera auditions. In order to keep our liason secret I suppose that Andy told everyone that the print was of Louise Brooks. I don’t know for sure because, to tell the truth, I had completely forgotten about the print until I recently spotted it on a wall in a museum. I feel better, now that everyone knows the truth. 


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