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img_6834.JPGI have decided to review my own novel before it is finished. I can then quote my review and put it on the cover. There is a distinct possibility that I will never finish this novel or have it published, so why wait anxiously for a review that will never be written? I am a firm believer in handling every aspect of one’s career and not placing destiny in the hands of literary professionals. They make too many mistakes and, as we know, power corrupts. 

Title: You CAN survive an airplane crash.   Author: Laurel Casey  Non-Fiction, 453 pages.

      Based on top-secret government documents discovered by the author while sifting through a dumpster behind the Pentagon, this crash-course in aviation survival is a must-read for anyone traveling through the sky, unless they’re in a hot air balloon.  Thanks to first time author, Laurel Casey, we now have the information we need to not only survive a plane crash but walk away without a scratch. It is a much repeated mantra based on percentages: Air travel is safer than riding in an automobile, a train, a bus. It is almost as safe as staying in bed. However, the fear of flying continues to remain a constant source of anxiety for a large majority of Americans. This anxiety has been found to have detrimental affects on pilots in our armed forces. The Pentagon made the problem a priority after 9/11 and has spend close to 7 billion dollars researching techniques which would guarantee the safety of those assigned to the skies. This life saving information has been designated top-secret since 2001 by the Federal Aviation Authority for reasons that Ms. Casey reveals in her book. 

Why was Ms. Casey able to find unshredded evidence of this top-secret research?Was the shredder out of order that day or were the documents meant to discovered? How many lives have been saved, and how many sacrificed, since 2001? These questions are answered in the first chapter of this invaluble book. The proceeding 20 chapters all explain, in lucid detail, the particulars of surviving a variety of flight disasters, of which there are many. With graphic photos and transcriptions taken from airplane black-box recordings, the reader can methodically piece together a survival plan for their family and friends. Seemingly instinctive reactions, such as praying and screaming, were found to be less effective than previously believed as was placing one’s head between one’s legs or anyone else’s legs. Ms. Casey explains in layman terms the ten steps that DO make the difference between life and an agonizing death for you and your loved ones.

     Unfortunately, the first printing of this book sold out in four hours. There are only a few books available for purchase until a second printing, which is slated for January 2009.  However, by contacting Ms. Casey directly, it is possible to obtain a synopsis of the documents which will certainly save your life if indeed you enjoy the time-saving convenience of airline travel.  


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