Newsflash! Our Lives Are Almost Over!

img_6794.JPGSeize the Day! All of philosophy is based on the absurdity of mortality. How can we motivate ourselves when we know that all is lost? Because: All is lost. Many of us live within a cocoon of mediocrity so that we have nothing to lose when it is taken away. To risk, to reach for real happiness, is non-productive, a waste of energy. Drifting through the last years of our lives, without added angst, makes sense. We float towards death with ease and acceptance. I did the best I could, we tell ourselves, what the hell do you want from me? We avoid true love with practicality. We avoid a full life with rationalizations. We depend on movies, books and dreams to satisfy our hunger for a full life. We do not want to take the gamble. There isn’t enough time. Whether we are fifteen years old, or fifty, or seventy, the time available is minute. We let worry take over our time. Worry becomes a comfort, killing the hours that might be spent exploring an opportunity. We turn our backs on our intuition. We squelch ourselves with mundanity. Mundanity begins to feel like a womb as we float towards our death with a smile, comforted by the truth: that it doesn’t matter in the end. Meanwhile, life’s beauty evades us. We’ll get out of this in one piece. One corpse, rotting, an obituary of honor. No one will be around to remember that we failed.


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