I have become a real bore-ass.

img_6367.JPGI am so sorry but it seems I have become a bore. Everything I think and do is boring, repetitious, insignifigant and substandard not to mention mediocre, trite, vanilla, pastel, mixed media. Even the squirrels outside my window are starting to wonder, “When is she going to pull out of this bore-ass phase and get back in the game?” Well, it will be happening soon because I am about to run out of money. When I get down to a tank of gas and a cheese sandwich, I will be back on the road, and the road is where I do my best work. A tiny room in Red Hook, a tent in Alabama, couches of friends from Jersey to Louisiana. Hi Diddly Dee, the gypsy life for me! I wish that I did not need to be motivated by desperation and fear but it seems to work for me. Have you tried it?


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