Dr. L.H. Casey Resurrects Unpopular Lecture Series in D.C.

Titanic Memorial

Dr. L.H. Casey has recently become privy to some interesting information about the Titanic. She is presently meditating in front of the Titanic Memorial in D.C. on which is inscribed “This monument is dedicated to the men who gave their lives that women and children might be saved” Part of Dr. Casey’s PhD Thesis-in-Process lecture will include several unanswered questions concerning the memorialized men and they’re incomprehensible stupidity. These questions have NEVER been addressed in ANY historical treatise on the tragedy.

Hints:1)The Titanic was made of wood– hard wood floors, hundreds of wooden bunkbeds in third class, staircases, furniture, cabinets, etc.
2)There was a storage room full of tools, rope, nails.
3)The men had three full hours in which to figure out how they might save 2,300 people with life rafts for only 700.
4) they knew a ship (The Carpathian) was en route to rescue them, but would not arrive until a couple of hours after the Titanic completely submerged.
5)The sea was as calm as a piece of glass.
6)Hypothermia was the only real danger, and if a person could stay out of the water, they could easily survive.
7)There was an enormous load of fur coats, blankets, gloves, hats, scarves, woolen underwear and thick slipper socks.

click to enlargeDr. Casey’s lecture will be a wake-up call for those who might participate in a potential modern day Titanic scenario.

The lecture is one evening only – January 15th, midnight, at an undisclosed location close to the Titanic Memorial. Admission: $75; includes tour of the memorial, autographed picture of Dr. Casey and a grain alcohol punch. rsvp reservations only.


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