Loose Marbles in Washington Square

Before it slips my mind, I happened upon this band in New Orleans last month and felt like I had been beamed back to my Gypsy Jazz roots. I heard a tuba, and looked into a window, and there were people dancing on the chairs and the bar, and a tuba player was following them around the room as he played. In the corner- clarinet, accordian, washboard, fiddle, and Etc. if you can imagine Etc. attached to an already otherworldly band. I only got to hear one song, as they were folding it up for the evening. Google both ‘Loose Marbles’ and ‘Baby Soda’. I am a convert and a groupie and need to join this troupe before the suits find them.


One thought on “LOOSE MARBLES

  1. I played with those guys once. They were awesome. But that clarinet player needed to get a new shirt or something. I think his girlfriend kept getting after all his money.

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