Don’t Worry Kids!! I’m coming!

Laurel’s audience

I glanced at my site today and two pages of it are about pants. I don’t have anything against pants, per se, but they had taken over my life, my website, my living room, my car, my brain. I was awake at night crunching pant numbers. Thankfully I was invited by a new friend, an artist, to see his work. I don’t know what happened to me, but both the artist and his work went right through me, like a lightening rod, and my head started to clear and snapped me out of my pants obsession. Now I am not saying that I am not going to make pants. I’ll make plenty of pants, don’t worry, but I am not going to make pants when I feel I should be entertaining people. I am not going to think twice about it or question it, or rationalize it or talk myself out of it for the sake of appearing sane to my fellows. I shudder to think what would happen to my audiences, small as they are, if I became a rag merchant. What I’ll do is, — I’ll wear the pants when I am performing and auction them off to the highest bidder. Because I had money in mind when I was sewing the pants, and when I have money on my mind I am always diverted from my destiny. My destiny, it seems, doesnt have anything to do with financial success or fame or security or a loving man. No, damn it, but that’s the way it is and this gifted man ( helped me sweep the rags aside and gave me courage to get out there again. Don’t worry Kids, I’m coming!!


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