ADHD Challenges

It is time I convinced my doctor that whining for Ritalin is not drug seeking behavior. Yes, everyone says they’re ADHD or ADD, while in fact they are only nervous, anxious, manic or real happy. My doctor and I have discussed the fact that I cannot make a sandwich, but he still is not convinced. Let’s say I have a jar of mayonaise, slices of turkey, cheese, ham and two slices of bread. A knife. A plate. I do not make the sandwich. I eat the turkey and cheese and ham as is, and eat the bread as is, and sometimes dip a spoon into the mayonaise. All ingredients end up in my stomach at about the same time, so I figure it can coagulate into a sandwich there. I cannot focus my attention long enough to make a sandwich. Sometimes I manage to spread the mayonaise on a slice of bread, but then there is a heap of cold cuts staring at me. Overwhelming. How much of each? In what order? With great difficulty I can sometimes put the sandwich together, but then there is the cutting of the sandwich. Every fiber in my brain resists cutting the sandwich in two. Most of the time it is because I did not get a knife out of the drawer, instead, a spoon, for the mayonaise. I have been known to try to cut a sandwich in half with a spoon. After years of sandwich hell, I just eat the sandwich parts while standing up in front of the refrigerator. I buy squeeze bottles of mayonaise so that I do not have to use a knife. Instead of a napkin, which always seems hard to find, I wipe my hands on my sweater or pants. After eating, I take off the sweater and/or pants and throw them into a laundry basket. Now, another problem. Doing the laundry. Sort the clothes. Can’t do it. Throw all the laundry in the washer together. Stuff shrinks, stuff discolors. Take it out and throw it all in the garbage. Go to Goodwill for more sweaters and pants. Get hungry. Go to refrigerator. Eat a sandwich before it becomes a sandwich. Have left the lid off mayonaise jar, and did not wrap turkey, ham and cheese firmly. Dried out. Try to open a can of soup, but did not get the easy-open kind. Need to find a can opener. Too much for me. Don’t open the soup. Try to find something in the cubboard that is easy-open. Find tuna fish can. Open. Eat tuna fish out of can with fingers. This is only one example of my ADHD in action, but it gives you an idea of my day to day challenges with this diagnosis. Thankfully, ready-made sandwiches are available at most deli’s and grocery stores.


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