Nurse Casey At Bat

I love life! I was planning on performing in D.C. but low and behold I am now a doggie nurse, and my human daughter has the flu! I love this! I feel wanted. Needed. Like I’m doing something constructive for a change. Friend, Matt, bought Howard a playpen so that he doesn’t walk. He has his pink stroller. I carry him outside several times a day so he can pee. I made my daughter Irish Penicillin Soup. I cleaned. I laundered. I boiled Howard a chicken. This is so much better than singing. Especially the short trips to CVS for doggie chews or Vick’s Vapo-Rub. I am wearing the same clothes I put on four days ago. This may not be glamorous but comforting creatures and daughter’s feels better than squeezing into a cabaret tube dress. I was going to have Artefill injected into my face but now the money for that procedure is gone. My dog will soon be much better looking than I am. Well, he is already. Can’t Help Lovin that Dog of Mine.


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