Are we lazy?

Take time for yourself“Take time for yourself” !!


Many people, after attending one of my lectures, tell me they struggle with the guilt of nonproductivity, or worse, substandard accomplishments. I try to comfort them with examples of my own inability to attain success, of which there are many.

We must face the fact that hard work often does not remedy the problem. Hard work is hard, and when it is for naught, we wonder why we are working at all.

This sense of futility is, I believe, the number one cause of mental illness in the United States of America today. It has certainly caused me great pain, especially when I realized that I do not have a wallet.

We have all read the Buddhist scriptures, the self-help books, the business and time management manuals, the Bible, every successful person’s advice on how we can be as successful as they are. We are still in the hole.

When are you going to learn that you have to screw somebody over to make a buck?

In all fairness to those who are successful, it can be a very subtle screwing, albeit a perfectly Christian screwing, but if you read economics textbooks, one of my favorite pastimes; you will soon understand supply and demand, market value, percentage quotas, sweat equity, and the simple formula of success: Buy Low, Sell High. If you are unable to get your head around these concepts – if your brain just doesn’t work that way, you must face your disability and learn to eat out of garbage cans.

But remember, you are not lazy. You just don’t really exist.

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